Sunday, 28 February 2016

100 Word Chillers: Distraction

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A cat in a shoe. Like. My neighbour’s oldest son, home again. Like. Creepy lad, actually. Always gawping at Lily. Don’t like, I think. Someone’s lunch. Like.

‘No! Stop it, Jonah!’  Lily’s screams distract me. Her brother is tickling her and they’re laughing.

 ‘I’m off, Mum!’ he calls. The back door bangs but doesn’t click. Must get that fixed. A fat woman has lost four stone. ‘You won’t believe her ex’s reaction!

Lily is screaming again. How am I meant to read?

‘No!’ A bloodcurdling shriek. Wait, didn’t Jonah go out?

Her scream stops short. Nobody is laughing.

Don’t like.