Sunday, 8 May 2016

100 Word Chiller: He

We must all have played this playground game. We called it 'He' although when you tagged someone, they were 'It'. In the way of childhood games, the roles switch dramatically from one moment to the next: the predator becomes prey and an ordinary player is transformed into someone to run from in terror.

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‘Tag!’ A finger jabbed my shoulder. ‘You’re It!’

The others shrieked and fled, then turned and ventured nearer to tease me.

‘You’re It, you’re It! You can’t catch me!’

I chased, lunged and grabbed at air, to hoots of laughter.

But Charlie Gee was fat and slow. I saw him stop, gasping.

‘I’m not playing.’ He leaned on his knees.

I pounced. ‘You’re It!’

‘I said I’m not playing!’

 ‘You’re It!’ we shouted.

Charlie stood up, staring, twitching. He bared his teeth; his hands curled. From fat fingers, raptor claws erupted. It leaped and swiped, roaring; tearing ribbons of flesh.